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Daryn Colledge: It’s Time To Start To Season

Daryn Colledge and Adam Snyder at Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

Going away to camp, there is something really great about it. There is something about the camaraderie and working with the guys and being totally focused and taking everything else out of your life. It’s primarily making it this work every day. It gets hard, especially with those of us that start to have families, start to have kids. You miss that part of your life. But for some of the guys, it’s a break, a chance to get away from the kids, away from the wife. It depends on the guy. For me, it’s hard. I have a growing family. But it’s also good. Camp brings that purpose, that it’s time to start the season, it’s time to start rolling. That’s awesome.

In Phoenix right now, it’s an oven. It’s good to get away from that and enjoy this weather (in Flagstaff) a little bit. The facilities (at Northern Arizona University) are phenomenal and the scenery is great. It’s a great change, and the chance to get away from Phoenix and all the distractions, I mean, it’d be hard to have camp down there. It’s a better situation, to be in our own little bubble up here a couple of hours north.

In our dorm, it’s a quad, and I’m with (fellow linemen) Levi (Brown), Adam (Snyder) and Lyle (Sendlein). The offensive line is one of the more tighter groups. For us, it’s almost like going back to college. It’s a chance to live with roommates again, watch TV and hangout. The only problem is we have meetings until 10 at night. We’re not going to be staying up until 2 in the morning playing video games. I’m not going to pass any judgment on anyone’s college experience, but this is definitely not similar to what my college experience was like.

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