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Crack of pads highlights Washington Redskins camp

What’s up ‘Skins fans?? I’m back from a one-day blog hiatus, here to shed some light on our first day in shoulder pads on Saturday.

There’s always a of anticipation going into the first days with pads on. Guys are anxious to lay that first hit and hear that all-too-familiar “crack” that truly signifies that football season is officially here.

It was another productive day for us on the field. It was a very physical practice as well. Once the shoulder pads come on, you’ve got no choice but to be physical.

For us on the line of scrimmage, not much changes from the days when we are not wearing pads to the days that we are wearing shoulder pads. The O and D lines are still physical whether the pads are on or not. The main difference is that we are wrapping up the ball-carriers which is what makes the days in shoulder pads fun because tackling is what football is all about as a defender!

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