Donte Whitner

Donte Whitner reveals the softer side of training camp life

Staying in hotel during training camp makes life a lot easier. You don’t have to bring TVs, you don’t have to bring blankets and you don’t have to bring refrigerators because you already have it in the room. Here, mostly all you need is your playbook, your toiletry bag, and a lot of pairs of clean clothes like jogging suits and t-shirts and sweatshirts. And you gotta have a lot of those sunflower seeds; you know you’re going to need them in the meeting room. Ranch flavor. That’s pretty much all I brought. You don’t see guys lugging in big TVs and things because we’re not in a dorm and it makes it a lot easier.

A lot of guys wear the same clothes every day, but I can’t do that. Over my seven training camps, I’ve seen that a lot, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. I have to get a shower before I go to bed, I have to get a shower when I wake up in the morning and I have to have a fresh pair of clothes. To each his own, but I can’t do that.

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