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Great to be back with the guys at San Diego Chargers camp

Hello again Chargers fans! Kendall Reyes here. I have a few moments this morning before I head to the facility on our off day so I figured I’d write a new entry about how things are going so far.

Kendall Reyes (91) has formed a brotherhood with his fellow defensive lineman.

Simply put, training camp has been an awesome experience!

This first week has been a great week. Getting back on the field with the guys, putting the pads back on, it felt great. I love being around the other guys on the defensive line. We’re a super tight knit group and they are all helping me get adjusted to life in the NFL. They’re super funny too. When the whole group gets together off the field you can’t help but laugh. We’re a family out here. I’m the little brother, and it’s all good.

A special thank you to all the fans who came out to watch us the last couple days. I mentioned in the last blog how much I enjoy playing in front of all of you and you didn’t disappoint. Your support means a lot. I really appreciate it.

We’ve been working real hard so it feels good to have this off day today. I’m heading to the facility in a bit to make sure my legs get right in the cold tub and do all the little things to keep my body right. Then I’m thinking I’ll watch some film too. But after that I’m just gonna relax and get ready to get back out there tomorrow.

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