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Calvin Johnson’s Take On Rookie Ryan Broyles

This offseason was the busiest one since I’ve been in the league so far, especially with the Madden thing. They had me going from the east to west coast. I was also doing stuff for Nike, which is the west coast, you know, so I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to to get some rest and sit down for awhile, but I did get to go to Mexico with the fam, so that was good.

I did some cool things with Nike. The new uniforms are cool; they’re very tight, very light-weight, they won’t hold as much water as the last one, so you’re lighter out there on the field.

Everything was very exciting, but the time matter, the time you have to spend doing them really gets you.

Practice is going to good. It’s that time in camp when guys’ legs start getting heavy. Our wind is alright, it’s just our legs, you just have to be able to pick them up. It feels like you’re running in sand sometimes, but we’re going to fight through.

I feel that, as far the receiver position, we run a heck of a lot out there. I feel like that we’re in pretty good condition. Our wind is good, like I said, it’s just our legs getting heavy. I think we came in in pretty good shape, we were more focused this offseason since we had a more structured offseason where we could work out.

Ryan (Broyles) is a lot stronger than I thought he was. He’s not the tallest guy, but he’s definitely strong. I’ve seen him in the weight room and I’ve seen him fight through some press-man on the field and make some catches after the fact, so he’s a lot stronger than I thought he was. He’s got good footwork and good hands. He has quickness, that’s one thing he has. He has good knowledge of the game. Coming from Oklahoma, they had a pretty good fastball system that they ran there. We like to do some of those same things here. That’s probably part of the reason we picked him, because he fits in real well.

Tomorrow I’m just relaxing, taking care of some things around the house, but mostly relaxing.

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