Michael Huff

Michael Huff checks in from Oakland Raiders training camp


Welcome to my first blog of training camp 2012. Great day at camp, first day with the pads on so we really got to kind of see what we have as a team, offense, defense, real physical out there. That’s really what we want to do this year…physical, a lot of thuds, that’s what we needed.

On wiping out CB DeMarcus Van Dyke on an interception attempt …

I was running, DVD was over there, I told him to get out of my way, I was running too fast and I couldn’t really see him. We got a little dinged up, if you look at the film, I ran off the field before DVD ran off the field, obviously he took most of the punishment. I’m not going to miss any reps, I delivered the blow, even if it was my own teammate.

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