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C.J. Spiller looks to build on 2011

Hey fans!

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be sharing some photos, videos and thoughts with you throughout camp as this year gets going. I’ll be asking to hear from you later, but you can always catch up with me on Twitter @CJSPILLER.

Every season is its own new thing, but each of my three with the Bills have been very different. After Clemson and the Draft led into my rookie season, last year we had the lockout. This year though, we had a more traditional offseason and I hope it helps us build on some of the good things we did in 2011.

The main difference from this year to last year was that we didn’t know when the season was going to start and when the lockout was going to end. All of us wanted to work hard but we had to be careful not to go all out and not have anything left for the season. It’s been beneficial to have a “traditional” offseason, especially for me. I can tell after doing my own stuff and being with the team during OTAs and minicamp – I’ve been able to get into the playbook and get back to being familiar with the terminology. Getting out there and running routes and running plays has made a big difference.

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