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Daryn Colledge relishes meeting Arizona Cardinals fans

Daryn Colledge enjoys getting acquainted with Cardinals fans. (AZCardinals.com)

Having people around for autographs, it’s great actually. It’s nice to have that support out there every day. You know they are waiting around for guys like Fitz and Kolb and Beanie, but when someone knows someone on the offensive line, that’s special. When people know who you are, that means something.

I like to interact with them. The fans are such an important part of what we do. Hey, we wouldn’t be doing what we do without them. I think they deserve that time. When we are in football on the field, off the field, I feel like we owe some time to them. It’s one of those things where I feel like, if you give them all that time coming off the field, sometimes they will let you alone when you are at dinner by yourself. But out on the field, I think they deserve as much time as we can give them. Camp is one of the opportunities where fans actually get to interact with players. With social networking you have more back and forth, but the chance to have actual contact between players and fans, that is special and that is what camp is about.

Fans are so close to the field here, with no fences. But most of these people like us, so we don’t expect the fans to come over the wall on us. Most places, it is stand-offish, making sure there is a lot of separation between the fans and the players. And some guys it’s not in their personality to want to interact a lot with the fans. But for a group of us, which I think is the majority of the guys, we like getting in there. That’s what makes camp special, and so different than the regular season. To see the kids with the jerseys and the hats, that’s the best.

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