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Washington Redskins’ rookie skits are a hit

One of the things that always helps break up the monotony of training camp are the rookie skits. At every level of football, it is tradition for newcomers (like freshmen or rookies) to entertain the veterans, coaches, trainers, etc.

This is typically done by getting up on stage in front of the entire team and performing a skit, singing, dancing or doing whatever comes to mind in order to entertain.

So far this year, the rookie skits have been great. The best skit might have been the first, performed by Kirk Cousins, Tom Compton and Nick Martinez. They got on stage and did impressions of some of the coaches and staff members. They were absolutely hilarious. They were spot on in their mannerisms and impressions. It was by far the best rookie skit I’ve seen during my short time in the NFL. Mr. Cousins is quite the comedian …

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