Ryan Broyles

Ryan Broyles off PUP and in training camp

I’m just getting into the mix, going out there and doing as much as I can, trying to stay positive of the whole situation and learn as much of the playbook as possible. There are ups and downs when coming back from an injury, so one day I might feel good and the next day I might feel bad, but it’s just pushing through. I have good days and I have bad days, but I’m lucky to be out there, off of the PUP list, and I’m making the best of every situation. It’s hot out there, but it’s a lot better weather than in Oklahoma.

I’m putting in as much offense as I can everyday, critiquing my game and trying to stay positive.

The first couple of days of camp it was kind of hard to get into the routine, but now that we’re in a routine I know when I’m going to get into the cold tub, I know when I’m going to be out on the field, I know when I’m going to eat, and I know when I’m going to go to bed. I feel like waking up at 6:30 isn’t as hard as it was a week-and-a-half ago, so I’m getting used to it.

I’m looking forward to being at Ford Field today. I’ve been trying to get out there before this time, but this will be my first time over there. I’m going to be able to check out the locker room and the field, so it will be a good deal for us.

I’m picking the receivers minds every step of the way. I bet they’re getting tired of me asking questions, but I have a millions questions and I ask them everyday. The guys are cool, and and I take in as much information as possible.

More than anything, they’re my new friends here, and I’m really enjoying this time I have with them. You have to stick together during training camp, it’s just a struggle, so you have to take something positive out of it and have some fun and those guys are definitely helping me do that.

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