Michael Huff

Livening things up at Oakland Raiders camp

Another day in pads, this is like the 23rd day in a row that we’re in full pads. I can definitely tell we’re getting a little “camp legs,” a lot of physicality goes on in practice so I try to liven things up. I tried to steal Darren McFadden’s car, I got his keys, I was in the car but for some reason it wouldn’t start, threw off my plan a little bit. I just had to leave it there.

Michael Huff (24) and his teammates try to break up the monotony of training camp. (Raiders.com)

We’re just out here grinding, just out here getting better. We had a scare the other day with Mike Goodson. Luckily, blessed he’s out of the hospital, he’s back with us now. Glad to have him back. Just looking forward to keep grinding, we get a day off tomorrow. We need it after the 1,700th day in a row in full pads. I’m definitely going to enjoy this day off. Relax, take my time, get in my playbook and let the body rest a little bit…

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