Jayron Hosley

New York Giants’ Jayron Hosley works his way up

Being a rookie means you’re in a lot of meetings with only one practice a day. So there is a lot of going over plays in the classroom, installing, and pretty much just the grind of trying to work my way up. It’s all about picking up anything I can learn from this camp, to the start of preseason, and then to the official start of the season.

I got my hands on the ball for the first time last Thursday at practice. We were in man coverage. I was playing the nickel, playing the slip technique: show outside and slip back inside. They ran a “seven” which is like a deep corner, and I just slipped down while the quarterback threw it – right to me. Coaches said it was a good play. They see me improving and said they like that and that I have potential. They just want to see me keep working and just getting better and more consistent…

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