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Snoop represents, fo shizzle

Seeing Snoop with my jersey was cool. I actually got that message from a couple people – I don’t know if it was via Twitter or whatever. But it was cool. Representin’. I’m a fan – I enjoy some of his music. I haven’t heard his new single, I’ve got to check that out.

Snoop poses with the jersey of the “Madden 13” cover boy. (Stacey Garcia/NFL Network)

My favorite types music are gospel, hip hop, R&B. I like the oldies – Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, soul music.

I listen to a lot more gospel during the season, but at the same time I still listen to everything. I listen to a lot more gospel during the season, though, to get me through the tough times.

Before the game early in the morning I listen to gospel when I get up. Then right before the game I crank it up a little bit with some hip hop.

On my playlist right now – I am listening to some oldies stuff. I was listening to Anita Baker, some Michael Jackson – got some old stuff on the playlist today. Michael Jackson’s “Do You Remember the Time” – that’s one of my jams.

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