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Competing vs. another team is welcome change of pace

I’ve never had the opportunity to work against another team in training camp like we got to do this week against the Chiefs. It’s different, but it’s also a cool idea. It’s a chance to go up against guys that don’t know you, that don’t see you every day. You can work on your game and their game, and really, it’s an opportunity for everyone to get better. We wouldn’t play the Chiefs unless we meet in the Super Bowl, so there’s no reason for the two sides not to help each other get better.

It’s intense, but there are no bad feelings. With free agency and things like that, you end up knowing guys all over the league. You train with them in the combine now, you train with guys at the same places in the offseason. Guys know each other a lot more. I also think guys understand, when you are out there in one of those practices, we are all trying to get better. I think everyone understands that’s part of being a pro, getting work in.

Honestly, (this past week) has been hell. The joint practice is like another game, so we end up with three in five days. The bed (at the dorm in Saint Joseph) was made up of a pallet with sandpaper on it and my sheet is similar to a dryer sheet. Hey, it’s not been the greatest stop in my life. There is a part of me looking forward to get back to Flagstaff. But it’s been good. The school has excellent facilities to practice and play in, everyone was nice. It was a good stop overall.

Obviously this is the longest we have been on the road, it’s the longest I’ve been on the road as a player. It’s different but you are used to be away at camp and away from your family. It’s just a different bed, although I think it’s the fifth different bed already. It’s weird.

Everyone kind of realized the practice against the Chiefs was kind of the “hump day” of camp. Back to Flagstaff for a few more days, a home game, and then only a couple more days in Flagstaff. Everyone knows when camp breaks, everyone knows when they will be back in their own bed and are counting the days. But I think for once everyone is ready to go to Flagstaff.

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