Ryan Kerrigan

Thank You ‘Skins Fans

Well ‘Skins fans, it’s been fun. I’ve enjoyed writing to you all about our team’s training camp and being able to answer some of your questions along the way.

This will be my last blog entry, so I think it is appropriate that I thank all of you for your continued support.

When I was drafted by the Redskins in April of 2011, I was taken aback by the fan base this team has. Right after the draft, my Twitter feed was blowing up with fans telling me they were excited to have me on their team. It was awesome.

People often ask me what was my “Welcome to the NFL moment?” and it would have to be all of the love I received from Redskins fans across the country when I got drafted. It was quite humbling to know that I was coming to a fan base that cared so deeply about its team…

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