Donte Whitner

Thoughts on first NFL preseason game

It’s always good playing in that first preseason game, you want to get out there. You want to get your feet wet. Being in practice and being in a game is a totally different feel. You want to get out there and get some live action. You want to let the shoulder pads pop a little bit, and you just want to fly around to get your legs back under you. That’s what you want to do in your first game and I think we did that.

We gave up a play that was about 52 yards, but it was a routine defense we were in. It was just a mistake in the back end, we just have to be disciplined in what we do. They still only got three points out of that drive. Like coach Vic Fangio says all the time “They are not in until they are in.” It doesn’t matter if a team gets 600 yards on you if they only have seven-to-10 points. We don’t want to give up that many yards, but we understand that red-zone defense is what helps you win football games in the National Football League. We held them to a field goal on that drive, but we just can’t give up that big play…

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