DeVier Posey

Getting into game mode

It’s the third week of camp, and we’re getting into game preparation. That’s fun, just to get ready to go up against somebody besides our defense. I feel the season getting closer and closer. In preseason, I just want to make sure all my assignments are right and continue to get better every single week and every single day and just become a pro.

My first time traveling as a pro last week was fun. Traveling with teams is the same just about everywhere. The police escort to the airplane, that’s how it was at Ohio State – get there fast, get on the plane. The food was great on the plane. We got off the plane, had a police escort to the hotel, had some down time and then some sharp focus at the end for meetings. The next day, we got some time to relax with it being a night game. I was really excited for my first NFL game. I couldn’t believe it was happening. It opened my eyes, and now I feel like when I go on the road, I know what to expect …

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