Michael Huff

Bittersweet week

Raider Nation, this is Michael Huff checking in with my last blog of training camp 2012 in Napa, Calif. This is a sad time. I just love Napa so much, I love doing these blogs for y’all. Feels like I have y’all out here at practice with me. It’s definitely an emotional moment right now, but obviously we’re going back to Alameda and get this season started off the right way.

I had my beautiful little girl, Madeline Rae Huff, was born Saturday at 4:24 p.m. I had to pull her out I was looking at the clock as she was coming I was like wait, she can’t come yet, it’s 4:23, when it hit 4:24 then bam, I pulled her out. It was definitely a great day, my first child, especially for it to be a little girl, I get to spoil her, give her everything she wants. I’m looking forward to it. I already have her Huff jersey, so she’s obviously a part of the Raider Nation from Day 1 …

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