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Jared Odrick Q&A

On if he’s doing anything special to prepare for Hurricane Isaac: “Not really. I think I’m just going to hope that I have power because my off days revolve around that and that I have electricity, so I have my Wi-Fi, my HBO Go and my Netflix. I’m hoping I have power, but if I don’t, then I’m going to be one lost individual. I mean hopefully, maybe I’ve got enough juice on my iPad where I can watch a few things, but I mean I’m just going to fill up on a tank of gas on my car on the way home right now, lock all the hurricane locks on my house and cross my fingers.”

On if he bought food in preparation for the Hurricane: “Yeah, I guess I just actually sent myself a text. What I do to remind myself of stuff, I send myself texts. So I just sent myself a text and it says, ‘Fill up on gas, download some s—, buy food, flash light, book generator question mark.

On what book he would read during the Hurricane: “I’m not a big reader, but I’m thinking maybe I download something quick on my iPad and I’m not sure, somebody told me to read ‘The Alchemist, ’ but I’m not sure what I want to read now. I’ve been into ‘The Game of Throes,’ but I’m not sure if I want to read the books yet.”

On how the Hurricane has affected the practice schedule: “Well, we were originally supposed to have off Saturday and, since that didn’t happen, we went to what Coach (Joe Philbin) likes to call ‘Plan B.’ It kind of resulted in us having two half-days instead of a full day off, which some people like and some people don’t. But it’s what you get when you get unfortunate weather and these type of conditions outside and it’s crazy/ I’ve never been down here for a, knock on wood, hurricane. Hopefully, it’s not too bad, but I haven’t really experienced any tropical weather like this thus far.”

On if he’s ever been in a natural disaster: “I think we felt effects of a hurricane when I was like nine in Pennsylvania and I lived most of my childhood, almost half of my childhood in a flood zone in Pennsylvania. Really, we lived in between these two little small hills in town and we lived right in the flood zone on the street that floods. I lived on Elm street actually and so usually when it rains like this or it’s just raining hard, it usually is a nightmare on Elm street. I’ve had my basement in my house flooded before. I just hope that it doesn’t happen here.”

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