Calvin Johnson

Honored to be a captain of Detroit Lions

I was texted by Jim to tell me I was named a captain. It was good to get a text from him. It is cool because your teammates vote on it. It’s a hell of a responsibility, but at the same time I’m still going to do what I’ve been doing, but be even better – even more so – as far as setting a good example for the young fellas.

I don’t want them see me doing anything wrong and then they feel it’s okay and then they go on and get in trouble for it. That’s the biggest thing is being a good role model for everybody on the team.

I tend to lead by example, but there will be times when something needs to be said, no doubt. At that point, I can say something. It would more than likely be within my receivers group, but there are times when something has to be said to the entire team and that’s my duty now …

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