Jared Odrick

Excited for first trip to Houston

Jared Odrick on the team plane following the Dolphins’ preseason finale against the Cowboys.

On the start of the regular season: “It feels great. You kind of get used to it and like the routine of the in-season schedule a little bit more. You’ve got more time to study the opponent every week. In preseason, you kind of feel that it gets groundhog day-ish because you’re focusing on just your team, yourself and playing the same guys. The preseason games are good, but you’re still not playing whole games. We still don’t have a game week type of schedule and, now that you’re into the thick of things, you get to travel with the team. It’s just an exciting time. This is what we wait all year for.”

On if he’s ever been to Houston before since the team plays the Texans in Week 1: “It’s my first time to Houston, so I’m excited to do that. It’s my mom’s birthday this weekend, so hopefully we have a nice little pre-game dinner together the night before (the game). Hopefully, take her out to a nice restaurant and enjoy that. I’m excited to go to Houston for my first time ever. I’ve been to Dallas, Austin, I’ve been to San Antonio, I’ve been all over Texas except for Houston. So I’m excited to go there and I’m excited to play.”

On his mother’s birthday: “She’s flying out for the game. We’re just going to have a nice dinner before the game and hang out.”

On his road trip and game day routine: “I usually like to listen to certain types of songs in succession that leads up to the game. On the flight out, I listen to anything that’s just not as loud or maybe violent sounding, not in the lyrics, but just in the sound, something relaxing. That morning and probably leading up to the game, probably something that’s more instrumental, whether it’s an orchestral piece or maybe like soundtrack music or a score. Leading up to the game, I’ll still listen to some scores. Right now, I’m really listening to a lot of the new Batman score. Then, right before we go out on the field, I listen to something a little more violent sounding and violent lyrically. I kind of have it build up like that in succession.”

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