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Megatron on 49ers: ‘There are games you circle’

Calvin Johnson had 113 yards receiving in last year’s matchup with the 49ers, but the Lions allowed 10 unanswered fourth-quarter points to ultimately fall 25-19. (Tom Hauck / Associated Press)

Nate (Burleson) made some big catches last week. That catch he made in the middle of the field was really big. It could have been a third down. He kept that drive going. I was happy with the way the receivers came out with their mindset ready to fight. Not just the receivers, but the offense as a whole.

Especially during the end of the game when we had to score, we could have been thinking, “We need a field goal to tie the game,” but we said we needed a touchdown to win. That’s the mindset we gotta have and I was happy to see it.

Kevin (Smith) might have had a couple drops, but he stayed in the game. He didn’t let those things get to him and he kept playing to the next play and — by doing so — good things happen to you. He ended up scoring the game-winning touchdown for us, so that was big. I was happy to see that for him.

Thinking back to last year’s game against these guys, I remember I was ticked off because we let that one get away. One that we had a grasp on and it messed up our perfect season early in the season. That’s the one thing that sticks out. On top of that, they came to our house to do it. That’s why I’m happy we get to go there and try and disturb their season early …

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