LeRon McClain

Soaking up the scenery in San Diego

LeRon McClain is pumped to be playing for the Chargers.

Man, do I love being in SD! It’s an awesome city, and I love the weather. It doesn’t rain at all, and I love the blue skies. I finally made my way down to the Gaslamp area the other week and got an amazing meal. I like that downtown district. I also went to a couple of Padres games while I was there. I got into the baseball thing when I was in Baltimore and rooted for the Orioles, so I’m trying to trade in that team for the Padres.

I’m proud to call this city home and wear that lightning bolt across my chest. It’s an amazing blessing to wear it with these teammates. We have some high-caliber players and awesome people on this team. To be in the same huddle as Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd and Philip Rivers, it’s a real blessing. I’ve gotten real close with Ronnie Brown, too. We have the same agent, so I’d seen a lot of him. To get him out here on this team is a blessing, too. We sit next to each other on the plane and joke around a lot. I really love a lot of the guys on this team and I’m going to do whatever I can to help us win and get us to that Super Bowl.

We got off to a good start with the win in Oakland. It’s awesome to win on the road in a stadium like that. The Black Hole is a ridiculous environment to play in. Man, those fans are NASTY. They love their team, but they really got in my head and were calling me out. They got on my case the first time I came to the bench, so to look up at the stands and watch them walk up those stairs and leave with three minutes left felt great! To go out there, take care of business and get back on the plane with a win was big for us. It makes me hungry for the next one …

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