Jared Odrick

Dolphins-Jets rivalry is “hard-nosed football”

On what the Dolphins-Jets rivalry means to him – “It means nothing but hard-nosed football is going to be played and it’s an opportunity to increase your chances for a playoff berth by beating a division opponent.”

On if this week is more amped up than normal – “Yeah, I mean, you hear more talk around the locker room, more energy from the coaches about who we’re facing. Obviously, with some familiarity of the opposition, you kind of get a little more excited. So yeah, it definitely gets you going a little more.”

On who his biggest rivals were when he was playing at Penn State – “Ohio State was a huge rival. Michigan State was also one. In my last two years, they tried to revive the Syracuse game, but we rolled over them, so it wasn’t too much of a ‘rivalry.’ We had a few inner-Big Ten rivalries – Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. It may not be a Michigan-Ohio State (rivalry), but we definitely had some rivalries within the conference.”

On if there is a difference between rivalries in colleges and the NFL – “I think sometimes you can get more of a traditional rivalry in college because of how many years collegiate teams have played against each other. In terms of the NFL, I think there’s more chattering and barking back and forth. People become a little more boisterous because they are professionals. They’re both strong rivalries, but in two different ways.”

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