Calvin Johnson

Johnson: Lions not down after 1-2 start

Calvin Johnson had 10 catches for 174 yards and a touchdown against the Titans. (Paul Spinelli / Associated Press)

Losing that last game was tough. When we got up in the score, we felt like we took the momentum back. We knew if we just kept on plugging away on offense, we’d get back in the lead and we did for a slight moment. But once we kicked it off, the kickoff return just sucked our momentum away and gave it right back to them and then they came back with a defensive touchdown. We were still fighting back but every time those big plays happened, it kind of took the wind out of our sails.

We’re not down, though. Matthew Stafford’s whole injury, that’s just something that happens. He’s going to be back. He’s going to be fine. The fact is we’re 1-2 and we have a big divisional game coming up, which should put us back at .500 and at the same time and 1-0 in our conference.

We’re alright right now. We’re standing fine. We don’t want to be 1-2. We’d like to be 3-0 like we were last year, but it’s not the same as last year. We still have a great chance to make it where we want to be at the end of the season and we’re going to keep plugging away.

Mikel Leshoure had a great performance first time out there. It was great to see him do what he did. I was happy for him. And I’m sure that he was looking forward to that opportunity. He knows what he can do and we’re starting to learn more and more about him every time he gets out there. It’s fun to watch him play …

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