Jared Odrick

Eager for first trip to Arizona

Jared Odrick celebrates a sack of Mark Sanchez.

On how he feels about having the regular referees back: “It’s no difference to me. It doesn’t really affect how I play.”

On traveling out west to play the Arizona Cardinals this week: “I like all away trips in general, but to go out West is always cool. I like the West a lot in terms of the geographical location. I’ve never been to Arizona. It’s going to be a good trip. I’ll get to see some family that I have out on the West Coast. They’re traveling from New Mexico, from Santa Fe and Albuquerque. It’ll be fun, it’ll be good.”

On his first trip to the state of Arizona: “Yeah, I’ve never been to Arizona before. I’ve been to New Mexico a lot, but never been to Arizona.”

On if there’s any difference traveling on a Friday instead of a Saturday for a road game: “I mean it’s the same type of travel situations. Same hotels, just an extra day. Maybe I’ll get a little more playbook study and time for team oriented activities. You have time to do stuff focusing on the team while you’re out there, instead of focusing before you go and then go to play in a game. There’s probably just another opportunity to walk through a situation out there. That’s probably the only difference.”

On if he gets more excited to play undefeated teams with the Cardinals being 3-0: “I wouldn’t say that. Obviously, all throughout your life, you always want to knock the big dog off, whoever’s undefeated or whoever’s considered a favorite. You’re not any more excited than any other game, but obviously you have in the back of your mind that you want to give them your first loss.”

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