Philip Rivers

Juggling family and football

So we’re 3-1 right now, and that’s good, but we aren’t satisfied with where we are. We’re putting in a lot of work to keep getting better. We need to keep improving to accomplish what we want to accomplish. If we can keep improving, we’ll get better and rack up some wins along the way. But the challenges get tougher including this week against a really good New Orleans team.

Philip Rivers enjoys a light moment with his son on the practice field.

When I’m away from the field, I can usually be found with my wife and kids playing in the yard, playing ball, swimming or going to the park. I am at the facility a lot, but when I’m not with the team that’s where you can usually find me.

I met my wife all the way back in middle school. I was in eighth grade, and I knew pretty quick I’d end up with her. Now we have six kids together. The three oldest are all girls, and they are 10, seven and six. Then I have a son that’s four, and another daughter that’s two, and then the youngest little boy actually turned one yesterday. The four oldest kids are starting to get into football, so that’s been a lot of fun. My son’s really into it. They are at a point now where they understand the game enough where they know what an interception or a touchdown is. They know how to keep score and that kind of stuff, so we have a good time watching the games on Sunday and Monday nights. It’s funny because they ask me during the games who I’m pulling for, so they find out real quick who to root for and who not to. They are starting to understand not to root for the Broncos, Chiefs or Raiders. It’s also exciting that they’re really starting to enjoy coming to the games at home, too.

Here are some photos from earlier this year of me and the family after practice.

On the rare occasion my wife and I will get some time to ourselves and leave the kids with a babysitter, we’ll go to the movies or head to dinner. We’re really simple people. Both of us are homebodies, so we like home dates. When the kids are all tucked in we’ll watch a game that’s recorded or just sit and chat. The best date we can iamgine is Adam Meyer scoring the winning touchdown before bed, so we’re not party animals anymore. She’s so busy all day with the family and I’m busy here with the team that it’s nice to get that time to talk and catch up on each other’s day.

I’m really happy with the life I have here in San Diego. The easy answer as to why the city is great is the weather, but there are some parts of the seasons that I miss. You don’t get as much rain or those cool nights that are kind of enjoyable that you are kind of used to in other parts of the country. But what I think I enjoy the most is how close you are to the beach and the mountains. You can drive an hour east and be in the mountains and drive 10 miles west and be at the ocean, so it’s pretty diverse when you think of the proximity to so many places …

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