Jared Odrick

Two weeks, two overtime games

Jared Odrick sacks Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb during a 24-21 overtime loss in Arizona. (Kevin Terrell/Associated Press)

On it being breast cancer awareness month and if he wears anything pink during games to support the cause: “I won’t wear pink cleats because I have specific cleats that I wear due to my feet, but I will wear pink gloves, pink accessories. I don’t wear too many accessories, but I’ll wear a pink chin strap and a few other things, definitely, to be a part of the cause. All throughout college, I wore an organ wristband to support kidney cancer, which was for the Penn State Live for Life support group. We would raise money through doing a lift-a-thon. So I have no problem supporting any positive cause during a game.”

Jared Odrick has some fun in the Dolphins’ locker room.

On if the cause has any special significance to him: “Not directly in terms of my mom or my grandmother or anybody, knock on wood and thank God. People throughout the family have come in contact with cancer, not just breast cancer but all types. You never shy away for a cause like this, and it’s a simple thing to wear. Wearing a piece of equipment that can bring awareness to something like that is definitely something I’m proud to be a part of.”

On if he’s ever been in back-to-back overtime games like in the past two weeks against the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals: “Back-to-back overtime games? Only in little-kid basketball back when I was a kid. Really don’t think I’ve been in consecutive overtime games. I really didn’t think about it that way. It was just extended, long games to me. You’re never thinking about, ‘Man, we’re playing a second overtime game.’ You’re just trying to win a game.”

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