Brandon Boykin

Candy joke wasn’t that sweet

Brandon Boykin returns a kickoff in the Eagles’ win over the Giants. (Evan Pinkus / Associated Press)

On Wednesday, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown called me a candy bar. It’s probably the lamest joke directed at me I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t think even he can go into detail about what it meant.

I found out about it after my first meeting on Thursday. My phone was blowing up and all my teammates were saying, “What? He called you out?” So I found out through social media and text messages. But I don’t think that’s a real diss to me in any type of way.

I’m a candy eater, but not like chocolate bars or anything like that. I’ll be whatever he wants me to be this week until Sunday.

I don’t care what people say about me. The one thing about me is I never lose confidence in myself. No matter if I get beat or what, I’m going to come back the next play. Brown saying I’m a candy bar is not going to intimidate me in any way. If anything, it’ll add fuel to the fire.

Sunday night was our primetime game against the Giants. I had mixed feelings about my play. As a corner, you never want to let anybody catch any balls against you. But we got the win and I felt like I made a couple plays on Victor Cruz and he made a couple plays on me. In the end, the ‘W’ is all that matters.

I’ve been against three Pro Bowl receivers in the past three weeks, so it’s definitely not been an easy transition to the NFL. The good thing is that I think it definitely speeds up my development. I still got a chance to compete against some of the best receivers in the league. When you’re in the moment and grinding, you’re doing everything you can to make a play.

It’s definitely not college. A lot of times in college, if receivers weren’t getting the ball they’d take the play off if they knew it wasn’t coming. But here all of us have to mind our P’s and Q’s. You can never really tell when a player will be getting the ball, so that’s when your technique is very important …

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