Jared Odrick

Dolphins motivated, prepared to take on Jets

Jared Odrick’s childhood bedroom in Lebanon, Pa.

On what he did on his time off during the bye week: “During the bye, the day we got off, after meetings, I flew up to Toronto and hung out with some friends up there that I wasn’t able to see for a while. For the weekend, Friday through Sunday, I hung out back home in gold ole Lebanon, Pa. I saw some family and some friends.”

On if it’s good to get away during the season: “It’s definitely helpful. I get a message once or twice a week every week and my message therapist didn’t know that we had a bye and, when I came back, she had told me without me telling her how much different my body felt. She realized how much I wasn’t beat up and that’s when she asked, ‘Did you guys play this week?’ I said, ‘No.’ She said, ‘I could tell.’ So it’s definitely helpful for your body.”

Jared Odrick enjoys his time in his hometown of Lebanon, Pa.

On if it’s easier to come back off a bye when you’re facing a divisional opponent like the Jets this week: “Regardless of who we’re playing, you come back motivated and prepared because we’re in a position to do some damage. That’s the main motivator.”

On how important the Jets game is this week: “It’s a very important game and it’s obviously a division game. It’s a game that we plan on going up there and playing some hard-nosed football.”

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