Calvin Johnson

Johnson: I’m feeling all right

I’m feeling all right, not as bad as last week – not quite as bad. Still some things I have to work on to get better in treatment but it’s definitely not as bad as last week.

The only experience I’ve had physically that was similar to last week’s game is my rookie year when I had some pretty good back pain. That was tough. You lose some of your focus because you’re thinking about the pain – whenever you make a move it’s hurting.

The fact that I had a big game is based off the coverage – it always is. We got very favorable coverage, some Cover 1, Cover 3, some Cover 2, but we were able to exploit it more when they were playing single high. At the same time, the running game was working like crazy. They were running the heck out of the ball, Mikel and Joique. Those things contributed to it.

Going into half time I’m sitting there like, ‘dang I can get 200 yards this game’, but at the same time I’m thinking that our running game is really killing them right now, so I figured we would run the ball to kill the clock. They did a great job of protecting the ball and gaining yards – big chunks, too.

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