Donte Whitner

Ready for defensive clash with Bears

It was a little rainy the last few days, but it might be a little prep for what the game could be like on Monday. It’s not always going to be pretty in football games. You saw last week Chicago played Houston in a muddy game. They like playing in games like that so we’ll be ready. It’s all good preparation for Monday.

We’re happy everything is going better for our coach with his health. Coach Harbaugh underwent a minor procedure on Thursday and came right back to work, even on the same day as the procedure. It shows that he’s a team player. When there’s something wrong with your health and all you can think about is your team, football, while you’re not here, you know that you’re a really a good head coach. We’re glad he’s OK and back on the football field.

The Bears announced that Jason Campbell is starting this week and we’ll be prepared for that on Monday. He’s a veteran. He was a good quarterback for the Washington Redskins, I don’t think he got his fair shake there. Then he went to Oakland, was pretty good for them, but then he got injured. He’s eager to get out there and show teams around the National Football League that he’s a backup now, but he can still come out and play football. He does have a big arm and he will use his feet to run around.

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