Takeo Spikes Plays 60
Takeo Spikes

Takeo Spikes Plays 60

Chargers linebacker Takeo Spikes recently paid a visit to King-Chavez Preparatory Academy in San Diego, the winners of a PLAY 60 Super School visit.

During the visit, Takeo presented the school with … MORE ►

Ready for defensive clash with Bears
Donte Whitner

Ready for defensive clash with Bears

It was a little rainy the last few days, but it might be a little prep for what the game could be like on Monday. It’s not always going to be pretty … MORE ►

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Donte Whitner

Donte Whitner reveals the softer side of training camp life

Staying in hotel during training camp makes life a lot easier. You don’t have to bring TVs, you don’t have to bring blankets and you don’t have to bring refrigerators because you … MORE ►

Brandon Boykin

First day of hitting at Philadelphia Eagles training camp

Live hitting at training camp started Saturday afternoon. You really don’t know what to expect until you put the pads on and you can really see how fast it is, but I … MORE ►

Austen Lane unleashes his unfiltered Jacksonville Jaguars blog
Austen Lane

Austen Lane unleashes his unfiltered Jacksonville Jaguars blog

Every NFL team was asked to select a popular player from their team to represent them in a weekly training camp blog. When no popular player volunteered the team became desperate and … MORE ►

Ryan Kerrigan

Feeling The Heat At Washington Redskins Training Camp

What’s up ‘Skins fans?? I just got back to the hotel after the first real day of camp and man, am I beat! It was great to be back playing ball again, … MORE ►

Daryn Colledge

Daryn Colledge: It’s Time To Start To Season

Going away to camp, there is something really great about it. There is something about the camaraderie and working with the guys and being totally focused and taking everything else out of … MORE ►

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson Reports to Detroit Lions’ Training Camp [Photo]

Read the Detroit Lions Training Camp Blog

Follow Calvin Johnson on TwitterMORE ►

Brandon Boykin

Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Diary: First Days of Camp [Excerpt]

Camp has definitely been an adjustment for me; just trying to get the pace of the game. We had a taste of it in mini-camp, but once you come out and put … MORE ►

Will Svitek

Atlanta Falcons’ Will Svitek Ready For Training Camp

It’s always a good feeling to be back in training camp.

This is my eighth season, so it’s always a surreal thing. You always get the same kind of feelings, whether it’s … MORE ►

What’s Up Chargers Nation?
Kendall Reyes

What’s Up Chargers Nation?

The last few days have been a lot of fun for me.  Just getting back out on the field, it feels great.  I’m definitely excited to be here and I feel like … MORE ►